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How Does Growthful Aid Plant Growth?

by | Apr 5, 2023

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Growthful Pre-Emerge Products

As a soil amendment – Growthful Pre-Emerge products reduce soil compaction, break up bicarbonates, and reduce soil particle size.

Reducing soil compaction is important for plant growth because compacted soil limits the movement of air, water, and nutrients in the soil. When soil is compacted, there is less space between soil particles, making it difficult for roots to grow and absorb water and nutrients. By reducing soil compaction, the soil becomes looser, allowing roots to grow more freely and absorb water and nutrients more easily.

Breaking down bicarbonates in the soil is also important for plant growth. When bicarbonates are present in high amounts in the soil, they can cause the soil to become alkaline, which can limit the availability of certain nutrients that are important for plant growth. By breaking down bicarbonates, the pH of the soil can be lowered to a more neutral level, which allows for better nutrient availability.

Bicarbonates are minerals found in soil that contain a molecule called bicarbonate. They are formed when carbon dioxide in the air combines with water in the soil and reacts with minerals.

Bicarbonates are important components of soil as they help to regulate soil pH and provide a source of essential nutrients, such as calcium and magnesium, for plant growth. However, high levels of bicarbonates in soil can lead to soil salinity, which can negatively affect plant growth and crop yield.

Reducing soil particle size is another way to improve plant growth. When soil particles are too large, they can limit the amount of water and nutrients that can be absorbed by plant roots. By reducing soil particle size, the surface area of the soil is increased, which allows for more water and nutrients to be absorbed by the roots.

Overall, by reducing soil compaction, breaking down bicarbonates, and reducing soil particle size, Growthful Pre-Emerge products condition the soil to be more hospitable to plant growth. This allows for healthier plants, faster growth, and better crop yields.



Growthful Post- Emerge Spray

When used in a spray program, Growthful Post-Emerge Spray enhances plant growth by providing a buffered excess of hydrogen protons to the plant. Hydrogen protons are positively charged particles that can move through the soil, and they are important for several processes in plant growth, such as nutrient uptake and transport.

When applied to the plant, Growthful Post-Emerge Spray provides these hydrogen protons within optimal water cages. These water cages are the spaces between soil particles where water molecules are held, and they play a crucial role in plant growth. By providing the hydrogen protons in the optimal water cages, the spray ensures that the plant can more efficiently transport H+ ions, which are also positively charged particles that are important for nutrient uptake and transport.

As a result of the enhanced transport of H+ ions, Growthful Post-Emerge Spray helps to liberate formerly inert cation nutrients. Cation nutrients are positively charged nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, that are essential for plant growth. However, sometimes these nutrients can become tightly bound to the soil particles and are not easily available for plant uptake. Growthful Post-Emerge Spray helps to break these bonds and make these nutrients more available for the plant to use safely and effectively.

Overall, Growthful Post-Emerge Spray is a product that helps to enhance plant growth by providing hydrogen protons within optimal water cages, which improves nutrient uptake and transport, and helps to liberate cation nutrients for better crop growth.