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Oakland Urban Growers – Growing Vegetable Profits

by | Mar 2, 2022

Lettuce is a great leafy green to grow because it develops quickly, produces over a long period of time, and isn’t too demanding as long as it’s sufficiently watered. It can also be cultivated in a wide variety of soils—however, soils with high water holding capacity and good drainage is ideal. This crop can be quite sensitive to acidity, so the optimum soil pH is between 5.5 – 6.5.

High quality soil tailored to your crops needs will result in maximum yields and quality, which is why Growthful facilitates incredible growth in crop performance and profits. Growthful™ is an auxiliary soil amendment that helps you grow more, faster and can easily be added to your current application methods .

Case Study: Oakland Urban Growers

Oakland Urban Growers (OUG) operates a seed-to-table greenhouse in Oakland County, Michigan. They used NFT Hydroponics to grow leafy greens and have soil operations that are used for growing rooted vegetables.


The tests mentioned below were replicated with controls in OUG 10,000 position hydroponic systems in a closed-loop environment. The company used 10 ml per gallon per tank and changed the tank water every 7 to 10 days.

Plant species were taken from the same seed lots, planted into the same flats with identical conditions, watered the same, then the flats were divided in half between two hydroponic systems to ensure accurate controls. In order to accurately map the different growth patterns among separate species of plants, they measured weight, height, and root health as the primary comparisons.

Growthful Results:

Growthful positively affected weight, height, root health, and overall plant health. Growthful was able to grow lettuce heads faster reducing harvest time by one week, thus improving grow cycles per year.

Weight, height, and root health were recorded at higher levels in almost all of test plants compared to the control plants

  • Crops tested included Lemon Basil, Rosemary, Red Salad Bowl, Adriana, Black Seeded Simpson
  • Average height increased 20% and weight increased 18%
  • Growthful positively affected weight, height, roots, number of branches, leaves, and overall plant health
  • Roots of tested plants did not degrade compared to a control plant.

Pre-Emerge Instructions:

Pre-emerge application: A single application prior to the emergence of the plant. Dilute 2 gallons of Growthful Pre-Emerge in a minimum of 10 gallons of water and apply to soil prior to emergence of plant. The target application rate is 2 gallons of Growthful Pre-Emerge per acre. 

In Furrow application: Dilute 16 oz. of Growthful Pre-Emerge in a minimum of 3 gallons of water per acre on 30” rows. For fields with 15” rows, dilute 32 oz. of Growthful Pre-Emerge in 6 gallons of water per acre.