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For Wellness

Experienced a 15%+ Increase

“I have been cultivating medical cannabis for over ten years, and have tried most products and most equipment systems on the market today. I am constantly testing new products, and very few work as seamlessly with various grow media and equipment setups. Testing the product in both soil and aeroponics systems, we  experienced a 15%+ increase from the previous cycle in both wet harvest and final cured weight.

I was skeptical during the first run that any increase in yield would be accompanied by a decrease in terpene and flavor profile. There was no noticeable decrease in aroma or bud quality, using the exact same genetics as previous grow cycles.

I am a true believer in this product, and will continue to bring it into a variety of indoor and greenhouse cultivation setups across the country. Finally, there is a non-nutrient plant optimizer on the market that works with any nutrient lineup.”

Will Kuss
Director of Cultivation, PA Options for Wellness
Lead Cannabis Instructor, Cannabis Career Institute (CCI)
B.S. in Agronomy & Soil Science, Auburn University

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PA Options for Wellness

Delivery Method(s):

– Drip Line
– In Furrow


– Growthful

Flexible Formulations to Meet Your Needs

There are 3 easy steps to adding Growthful into the mix.


In Furrow



Versatile Delivery for Any Operation

Growthful is easy to add to any of your current cultivation application methods, whether it’s drip-line, center pivot, boom spray, or aerial. It also works well with fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, and can be added to tanks with other chemicals to be applied in the same application, with no additional effort or labor costs.*

Growthful by the Crop

It doesn’t matter which crop you cultivate, Growthful results allow you to increase your profits and grow your business.









Snap Peas

Soy Beans

Sugar Beets


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