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Record Breaking Harvests: Valley Farms

by | Feb 24, 2022


Valley Farms – located in Imlay City, MI – is dedicated to providing fresh, quality produce. When they ran into difficulties finding their usual soil amendment they turned to Growthful and never looked back!


Crops: Carrots and Onions

Delivery Method: Broadcast

Valley Farms tested out Growthful starting with their carrot fields – they applied Growthful Pre-Emerge in furrow at the time of planting. They also applied Growthful Post-Emerge on both their carrots and onions in addition to their regular treatments.



Valley Farms found that their crops were growing faster and healthier than ever before – they were now producing the best harvests they had ever seen!

“Our results were outstanding for all the fields treated with Growthful!

On one field where we treated with in furrow, we were compelled to harvest before our previously planted fields each of the last two seasons. This was because the treated carrots grew much faster and produced much healthier canopies than the untreated fields.

We have had the best pack out numbers ever since utilizing the Aqueus products!”

Craig Brandt, Owner at Valley Farms


Moving Forward

After Growthful’s initial success with their crops they began utilizing both Pre-Emerge and Post-Emerge on their onions and now utilize Growthful products on all of their fields!

In 2021 we purchased the products and used the suggested protocols for onions and carrots, and we have seen our best onions ever. We see healthier vegetables by utilizing Growthful and have now adopted it for all our fields!


Craig Brandt, Owner at Valley Farms