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Aqueus is an agricultural technology, sales, marketing, and licensing company that has new, patented chemistries that help cultivators optimize and grow their business. Aqueus’ vision is to help grow more food sustainability with effective, safer, less toxic alternatives.

Meet The Aqueus Team

Our passion for the agricultural industry drives product innovation and helps our customers grow their profits.

Art McWood

Chief Executive Officer

Art has 25 years of experience in the Specialty Chemical industry as a marketing and operations specialist. Art has founded and successfully exited 3 specialty chemical companies.

Andrew Yaksic

Chief Manufacturing Officer

Andrew is an accomplished chemical manufacturing, operations, and engineering business executive. He has both domestic and international business, sales, and operations experience. He also has extensive experience in Water Treatment, Specialty Chemical, Chloralkali, and Steel Processing industries.

Mike Skinner

Vice President, Sales 

Mike is a transformational leader with a proven record of success conceptualizing, financing, and building three multi-million dollar companies that were sold, acquired, or merged. He is highly skilled in business development, strategic sales, planning, and financial modeling.

Sam Mathew

Sales Executive 

Sam has more than 20 years of engineering and business development experience gained in roles including Applications Engineer, Sales Engineer and Market Manager. He is a creative, strategic visionary who has led startup and global manufacturing companies through growth and transition into alternative business lines.

Danny Jenuwine

Sales Executive 

Danny is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in both wholesale and retail sales, business development and management, and customer service. He has a Masters in Business Administration from Northwood University.

Pat Scalera

Director, Application Engineering

Pat has 35 years of experience in the Surface Treatment and Specialty Chemistry Industries. He has co-authored several technical papers and holds three patents in the field of Surface Treatment technology.

Shawn Dolan

Senior Technical Fellow

Shawn has a Master of Science in Inorganic Polymer Chemistry from Ohio State University and has spent his 30-year career as a Principle Scientist at Henkel Corporation, where he has been responsible for the technical development of over 30 commercial products. Shawn has also authored over 100 patents in multiple industries.

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