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Premium Cannabis Plant Optimizer

Ferocious* is a premium plant-optimizing additive that delivers concentrated forms of hydrogen and oxygen, which we believe allows plants to produce more energy.

With more energy, plants have more vigor, become larger and stronger, and create greater yields. Ferocious is also believed to be an effective nutrient enhancer, which may have the ability to help the plant more efficiently uptake and absorb nutrients. Ferocious is a liquid concentrate that can be added to your nutrient-water mixture to feed your plants.


  • Increases overall harvest weight and market value
  • Is non-toxic and non-corrosive to human and plant tissue
  • Improves uptake, absorption, and utilization of nutrients by breaking them down into smaller particles so that the plant more easily absorbs them
  • Strengthens the cellular structure of plants
  • Reduces the space between internodes, creating more flowers and increasing yield
  • Assists in buffering to optimize the pH for the plant and its soil/medium/water
  • Is non-malodorous and non-fuming
  • Made in the USA by people who care

Harvest Weight

Blendable with
Most Inputs*

No Added
Application Costs



*Ferocious is a nutrient enhancer, and should NOT be used as a replacement for nutrients. It’s NPK values are 0-0-0. Post-harvest lab results show the improved yield does NOT adversely affect potency and there is no indication of residue.

“I have been cultivating medical cannabis for over ten years, and have tried most products and most equipment systems on the market today. I am constantly testing new products, and very few work as seamlessly as Ferocious with various grow media and equipment setups. Testing the product in both soil and aeroponics systems, we experienced a 15%+ increase from the previous cycle in both wet harvest and finalcured weight.

I was skeptical during the first run that any increase in yield would be accompanied by a decrease in terpene and flavor profile. There was no noticeable decrease in aroma or bud quality, using the exact same genetics as previous grow cycles.

I am a true believer in this product, and will continue to bring it into a varietyof indoor and greenhouse cultivation setups across the country. Finally, thereis a safe, non-nutrient plant optimizer on the market that works with anynutrient lineup.”

— Will Kuss Director of Cultivation, PA Options for Wellness

The Science

Our chemistry is the future of plant cultivation optimization because our premium line of products are highly effective and non-toxic. We have partnered with industry leading chemists, who have achieved amazing results, and developed products that are changing the way plants are cultivated.

Plants have the power to heal people, the power to help make lives better for people, and the power to bring people together for the common good. It is our mission to provide growers with the best chemistry possible, so they can be safe during cultivation, sustainable in their practices, and responsible by providing premium products to people around the world.

What Does Ferocious Contain?

Ferocious is a patent-pending formula based on non-toxic substances found in nature that solubilize nutrients and deliver additional hydrogen and oxygen to plants.

Is Ferocious a nutrient of some kind?

No, and yes… so kinda. Let us explain. Ferocious in not a replacement for your regular fertilizer nutrients. It’s an additive that helps carry those regular nutrients into into the root systems and cellular structures of the plant.

What is the yield increase when using Ferocious?

Independent, third-party testing has demonstrated an average yield increase between 11% and 30%, without any adverse effects on potency.

Is Ferocious a Plant Growth Regulator (PGR)?


Plant growth regulators (also called plant hormones) are numerous chemical substances that profoundly influence the growth and differentiation of plant cells, tissues, and organs. Plant growth regulators function as chemical messengers for intercellular communication. There are currently five recognized groups of plant hormones: auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins, abscisic acid (ABA) and ethylene. They work together coordinating the growth and development of cells.

Fercocious has absolutely nothing to do with plant hormones! No way, no how.

What are the mixing and usage instructions for Ferocious?

Thoroughly mix nutrients or other crop feeding products into clean, fresh reverse osmosis water. Add Ferocious directly to the water-nutrient mixture and mix thoroughly again.

What are the dosages for Ferocious?

Dosages depend on your style of growing. Our best yield results have come from utilizing a clone machine and growing in a coco medium. The following dosages are the best recommendation.

For Coco/Soil Vegetative Stage
10 mL per gallon of water

For Coco/Soil Flower Stage
20 mL per gallon of water

For Hydroponics
5 mL per gallon of water

Growing style (nutrient brand, light type, feeding schedules, strains used) can affect results, so please consider these dosages as guidelines, as you may need to use more or less Ferocious to get desired results.

Our estimations for average total Ferocious usage is 1 liter per plant per 15 gallons of coco medium, per full growing cycle.

What are the handling requirements for Ferocious?

While Ferocious is non-toxic and safe for plant and human tissue, we always recommend being as safe as possible when handling chemistry. Please wear minimal Personal Protective Equipment when handling, i.e. safety goggles. 

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