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Growthful™ is the auxiliary soil amendment that helps you grow more, faster and can easily be added to your current cultivation application methods.

Increase crop yields

Easily mixed with starter fertilizer

Condition your soil for improved plant performance

No added application costs

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Field Test ROI:

For every $1 invested, $7 was returned.
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A 10% increase in yield could give you $75+ per acre of potential profit. Get it done with Growthful!

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“We see healthier vegetables by utilizing Growthful and have now adopted it for all our fields!

— Craig Brandt, Owner at Valley Farms

Add Growthful to Your Cultivation Practices

There are 3 easy steps to adding Growthful into the mix.


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Versatile Delivery for Any Operation

Growthful is easy to add to any of your current cultivation application methods. It also works well with fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, and can be added to tanks with other chemicals to be applied in the same application, with no additional effort or labor costs.*

Growthful Pre-Emerge

Pre-emerge application: A single application prior to the emergence of the plant. Dilute 2 gallons of Growthful Pre-Emerge in a minimum of 10 gallons of water and apply to soil prior to emergence of plant. The target application rate is 2 gallons of Growthful Pre- Emerge per acre.

In Furrow application: Dilute 16 oz. of Growthful Pre-Emerge in a minimum of 3 gallons of water per acre on 30” rows. For fields with 15” rows, dilute 32 oz. of Growthful Pre- Emerge in 6 gallons of water per acre.

Growthful Post-Emerge Spray

Broadcast applications: Application of Growthful Post-Emerge Spray should be applied with the first treatment of herbicides, with regular treatments of fungicide during silking, and applied at tassel. Dilute 12.8 oz. of Growthful Post-Emerge Spray in 10 gallons of water and apply broadcast to soil or over crops. Growthful Post-Emerge Spray may be applied at other stages following V1. Apply 12.8 oz. per acre.