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Grow your sugar beet profits
with Growthful.

Growthful™ is the auxiliary soil amendment that helps you grow more, faster and can easily be added to your current cultivation application methods.

  • Grow bigger crops faster and increases crop yields
  • Improve overall plant health by improving nutrient uptake efficiency
  • No added application costs
  • Condition your soil for improved plant performance

2021 Sugar Beet Trial

Michigan Sugar Company

Conducted replicated field trial testing, using various applications with successful results on all.

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A 10% increase in yield could give you $75+ per acre of potential profit. Get it done with Growthful!

“Using Growthful is like trading in a quarter and getting a dollar in return.

It is an easy decision for any farmer.”

— Tom Tesmer, Michigan Farmer

Add Growthful to Your Cultivation Practices

There are 3 easy steps to adding Growthful into the mix.


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Versatile Delivery for Any Operation

Growthful is easy to add to any of your current cultivation application methods, whether it’s drip-line, center pivot, boom spray, or aerial. It also works well with fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, and can be added to tanks with other chemicals to be applied in the same application, with no additional effort or labor costs.*