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Degraded Soils Threaten Farmers Everywhere

by | Jun 14, 2022

Soil degradation: the physical, chemical ,and biological decline in soil quality. It can include erosion, fertility decline, loss of organic matter, salinity, soil contamination, and more.

Soil Degradation

The majority of our agricultural soils are biologically deficient—they lack crucial microbes and nutrients as well as the means to properly filter and store water. This means poor crop production, an increased reliance on fertilizers, increased vulnerability to weather events like flooding, and decreased profits.

At a time when droughts are at record highs, the cost of inputs have skyrocketed, crop yields are projected to significantly decline, and the unsustainable nature of many current agricultural operations have become increasingly obvious, it is crucial to get to the root of the problem and pay attention to soil health.

Functional, healthy soils could make all the difference in profit margins, crop yields, crop quality, economic stability in the agricultural sector, and the success of farmers everywhere.

Sustainable Solutions

Fortunately, many are recognizing the need to treat the problem at its source and nurture soil health.

Farmers around the globe are turning to regenerative farming and soil amendments such as Growthful, which offer a sustainable and effective solution to the issue at hand.

Such tactics reinforce and support soil health, creating a nutrient-rich environment in which crops can thrive and one that is resistant to more extreme weather conditions. This means increased resilience in the face of drought or flooding, decreased reliance on temporary fix inputs like fertilizer, increased financial stability for farmers, greater crop yields, and a move towards sustainable agricultural practices!



Growthful is a liquid soil amendment that can be added to your current application methods with no additional costs.

Growthful benefits:

  • Buffers and changes the soil pH
  • Helps condition the soil for improved plant performance
  • Increases, improves, and optimizes soil conditions for tolerance and resistance of abiotic stress
  • Improves and increases water/nutrient availability, use, efficiency, processing, and retention
  • Improves and increases soil/water nutrient retention, holding capacity, and permeability

Growthful helps you grow more, faster by restoring the soil and creating an optimal environment for plant growth!