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Nebraska Potato Grower – Growing Your Potato Profits

by | Feb 13, 2022

U.S. potato outputs were down 2% in 2021 compared to 2020 with yields in a similar decline. Despite this, more land was used for planting and harvesting. With the cost of inputs steadily on the rise and the lackluster yield to acreage ratio, many are looking for cost-effective methods to turn things around this year and maximize their potato profits. Growthful is a liquid soil amendment meant to do just that with no added application costs.

We have been using Growthful for the last few seasons on our Jersey Royal seeds and have noticed a definite increase in crop growth, health, and quality.


The increased yield in final tuber tonnage has ranged from 6% to 20%. This product has the potential to have a huge economic benefit to our potato production and we look forward to continuing our work with the Aqueus team.

—Nick S. Mourant, Director, Haut Du Mont Farm

Case Study: Nebraska Potato Grower

This Nebraska farmer, grows and ships fresh, processed, and seed potatoes year-round. They are fourth generation potato farmers, AIB, GAP, and SGS approved, and currently farm 2,500 acres throughout Nebraska and Kansas. 

Application: 120-acre irrigated plot in Nebraska, USA. The northern half of the plot (60 acres) was treated with Aqueus’ Growthful chemistry and the southern half (60 acres) was treated conventionally as a control group. The plot utilizes a center pivot irrigation system. Applied at 7-10 day intervals. 

Growthful produced higher value, larger tubers, and greater quantities. Overall total yield increase averaged 5-6% on this trial.

Growthful Results:

  • Significant improvements in yield, tuber size, and overall plant health 
  • The treated crops were ready for harvest 6-8 weeks prior to the untreated crops 
  • Speed to maturity provides flexibility in planting and harvesting cycles 
  • Opportunity to harvest earlier and garner a higher price for the early crop potatoes 
  • Avoid the potential destructive impact of early hard freeze events before harvest 
  • Overall total yield increase averaged 5-6% on this trial 

Using Growthful Pre-Emerge to Grow Your Potato Profits

Burndown or at Pre-Emerge with Herbicide application: A single application prior to the emergence of the plant. Dilute 2 gallons of Growthful Pre-Emerge in a minimum of 10 gallons of water and apply to soil prior to emergence of the plant. The target application rate is 2 gallons of Growthful Pre-Emerge per acre. 

In Furrow or 2 x 2 application: Dilute 16 oz. of Growthful Pre-Emerge in a minimum of 3 gallons of water per acre on 30” rows. For fields with 15” rows, dilute 32 oz. Growthful Pre- Emerge i n 6 gallons of water per acre. 

Using Growthful Post-Emerge Spray to Grow Your Potato Profits

Broadcast applications at R1: Dilute 12.8 oz. of Growthful Post-Emerge Spray in 10 gallons of water and apply broadcast to soil or over crops after emergence. Apply 12.8 oz. per acre. Can be used in center pivot applications.