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Staying Profitable as Fertilizer Prices Skyrocket

by | May 19, 2022

fertilizer prices


Fertilizer prices have risen as much as 300% and many farmers have been left wondering if there’s any relief in sight.

According to the USDA, three kinds of fertilizer have dramatically increased in price over the past year:  the cost of urea is up 149 percent, liquid nitrogen has risen 192 percent, and anhydrous ammonia is up a whopping 235 percent.


Hope For Farmers

These fertilizers are a key component in the production of field crops. According to estimates by the USDA,  fertilizer constitutes an average of 36 percent of a farmer’s operating costs for corn, 35 percent for wheat, and 30 percent for sorghum. Given the importance of applying fertilizer to meet yield goals for most field crops, a rapid escalation in fertilizer prices affects a wide variety of farming activities and decisions leaving many wondering how they will stay profitable this season.

Growthful may be able to help! Growthful is a low cost liquid soil amendment & plant optimizer that can be added to a farmer’s current cultivation methods – whether it’s drip-line, center pivot, broadcast, or aerial – at no additional cost.

Growthful has been proven to:

  • Buffer and change the soil pH
  • Help condition the soil for improved plant performance
  • Increase, improve, and optimize soil conditions for tolerance and resistance of abiotic stress
  • Improve and increase water/nutrient availability, use, efficiency, processing, and retention
  • Improve and increase soil/water nutrient retention, holding capacity, and permeability

The liquid soil amendment also works well with fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, and can be added to tanks with other chemicals to be applied in the same application, with no additional effort or labor costs.



Optimize Agricultural Operations

In response to this escalation of fertilizer prices, many farmers are looking to optimize their agricultural operations in order to stay afloat and within comfortable profit margins. Some are taking a hard look at their operation plans, re-evaluating their typical inputs, and opening their minds to new alternative technologies.

The sustainable, green flagship product, Growthful, helps optimize your agricultural operation by:
➤ Increasing yields, through various applications, improving margins/ROI
➤ It can be applied at the same time as current product applications being used in agronomic & operational practices, which improves efficiencies


Growthful: Soil Amendment & Plant Optimizer

Growthful is a soil amendment that has been demonstrated to increase crop yields significantly. Growthful uses a new, low toxicity acidic chemistry that:

  • Decreases soil pH, increases cation exchange capacity (CEC), and increases the uptake of nutrients
  • Unlike other acidic soil amendments, when used under recommended application rates, Growthful is not harmful to plants
  • Can be applied anytime during the growth cycle, including foliar applications. 
  • Tested by third parties on a wide range of crops including corn, tomatoes, potatoes, soybeans, sugar beets, and cannabis with typical yields increasing by 10% or more.