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Increasing Tomato Yields – A Case Study

by | Feb 21, 2022


Here at Aqueus, we thoroughly test the efficacy of our products before suggesting them for any specific crop. We had already obtained plenty of research on how Growthful™ aides crops such as corn, sugar beets, potatoes, soybeans, and other select vegetables and fruits. Since then, we have expanded our research and now have specific test results on tomatoes!


Beem Agro-Sciences Corporation, Inc. spearheaded this trial with the goal of determining the effects of Growthful Pre-Emerge on tomato development and yields. This trial was carried out on Cherokee Heirloom Tomatoes in Lodi, CA using a Randomized Complete Block (RCB) plot design.

Plot dimensions: 20 ft x 5 ft

Plot Area: 100 Square Feet

Replicates: 6 Replicates per Treatment, 1 Treatment and an Untreated Check 

Trial Details

The transplants were grown for 5 weeks at a commercial nursery before being relocated using commercial transplanting equipment. Holes were punched into the black plastic over the beds, and the plants were placed into them with the drip tape secured 3 inches from the holes. These plots did not need wooden poles for support. Additionally, the grower applied Lannate and Intrepid for insect nests (worms and aphids) and K-Pam for nematodes.

Soil Type: Hanford Sandy Loam

Plant Type: Hybrid, Bush

Nursery Date

Transplanting Date

Harvest Date





Application Details

While the drip irrigation was running, 3 applications were applied with handheld injectors into the soil of each plant water system (115 mL of solution per plant).

Plant Spacing: 2 ft x 5 Ft

Plants/Plot: 10

Gallons/Acre: 132

Application Dates: 5/10/2021, 5/24/2021, 6/9/2021


Growthful resulted in larger, higher quality tomato yields in this trial: Just 3 applications of Growthful Pre-Emerge resulted in nearly a $1,000 increase in yield value compared to the control!


Total yields themselves rose by 1.2 US Tons/Acre in the Growthful treated plots compared to the untreated!